The joys of immigration

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The quickest way to learn new knowledge is via human contacts. More diverse contacts automatically means more knowledge. But are they uneducated? If so, it does not mean they have no knowledge. The wonder of Sweden a country that did not participate in the two world wars, is according to some largely due to immigration, and emigration that occurred in relation to the wars. The active, daring people, lacking means, but having bravery and will in abundance helped to get Sweden going and prospering.

The same is happening today. Yes, the Swedish bureaucracy creates a lot of false hurdles and is ridiculously inefficient in terms of helping new arrivals start bguilding their lives. It can take two years or more. In some cases even longer. Uncertainty over being able to stay or not diminishes willingness to work and take advantage of new opportunities. Immigrants who have lived through hardship do not shy away from heavy work. Yes, you always find a rotten egg in a big enough basket, but the majority are fresh and willing.

And then there is religion. Islam. Gee, it creates just another way to enable misunderstandings. But all religions are based on humans and human beliefs. There does not exist a human religion today where there are no skeletons in the closets. Catholic pedophiles, crusades, burning of witches, etc. The important point is communication and tolerance.
The less tolerance, the more problems we will end up with! Why? Because we limit ourselves as human beings and thereby shorten the impact our lives can create!

So how does this relate to the Swedish election and the various parties? Some argue that only one party limits choice – the Sweden Democrats.
In what respect?
They are AGAINST abortion.
They are AGAINST cooperation through the EU.
They are AGAINST immigration.
They are AGAINST other religions on the same terms as the indigenous Swedish religion.
I would advise those that love such views to lock themselves in their house and avoid human contact. Eventually I am sure even a scary Islamic Imam would become a welcome distraction!

But it is not just the ideas that the Sweden Democrats support that are worrying. The even more worrying part is their friends. Around the whole of Europe and the World various nationalist parties have been busy established themselves attracting “simple souls”. Yes, simple souls where easy solutions like blaming certain ethnic groups and “immigrants” satisfy those not able to reason in more global, tolerant and open.-minded ways.

Unfortunately, Trump and USA have become the leader in this simplified worldview benefiting more authoritarian regimes like China and Russia. Specifically, Russia who enabled Trump’s election victory have calculated that their influence will grow to the extent that the USA refrains from or reduces its open-minded participation in global affairs.

Climate change, global trade, UN, NATO, the Internet are all issues that are not possible to solve based solely on closed national interests only. And solutions are increasingly urgently necessary. An open mind and willingness to accept the views of others is a prerequisite to solutions anywhere. And this willingness starts with votes. Your vote.

Don’t trust everything you hear and read. Check sources and THINK YOURSELF! Is immigration really bad? Avoidable? Why not embrace change?

Like StartTrek(?) says: Live and prosper!

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