Swedish Women not only beautiful, but at the very least 3rd best in the whole world: For me Number One by miles and streets

What a hugely entertaining match between Sweden and England. I forgot it was on and only saw the last 20 minutes. Any longer and I might have had a heart attack, that tells you something about my youthful age!

It is the first time after living here in Sweden for some 30 odd years that I felt Swedish. Otherwise very little has affected me, I thought of myself as completely and totally British/English right the way through. I guess most of my friends and acquaintances would dispute that

But not today.

In fact, I have felt a deepening sense of shame at the crass stupidity on how the debate on Brexit has been “waged”. Yes, it is war. So much so that I have spent my retirement fighting Brexit with every single fibre in this ancient body of mine.

What courage and artistry these women showed. And sporting too. Men have a lot to learn.

Highlights of the match just 4 min from the BBC

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Having only watched a bit at the end, the most dramatic moment was when a very powerful shot was struck, and for once the Swedish goalie wasn’t in a good position to save, but there was a truly courageous save from a Swedish defender, Nllla Fischer. standing on the goalline who headed the ball away. Very few keepers would have saved it I think.

Då stod Nilla Fischer för en makalös räddning på mållinjen.

– Jag tänkte bara ”va fan spänn nacken nu”, säger mittbacken.

– Man hann tänka ”nu blir det mål”. Så står hon där med sin jävla panna, säger Nathalie Björn.

Anyhow exciting and well worth watching. All credit to the English team who never gave up, and played their hearts out.

But Back to Brexit

Here is a link to a good friend of mine, Tobias singing in his marvellously evocative voice our Anti-Brexit Rhapsody Part 1 song composed in an attempt to influence the Brexit thinking of my fellow countrymen. It is available on YouTube and Spotify, my web site and Tobias’s site. This is Part 1, I’m trying to persuade him, that we need a follow-up that does justice to the idiocy and defective personality of one of the current candidates for leadership of the Tory Party. He is the one who can’t afford a haircut despite claiming I belive huge amounts on his expense account, and who recently figured in a much-discussed scandal in the UK where a neighbour in the flat next to the one he is sharing with his girl-friend (after a recent divorce) heard a very loud noise, recorded it and sent it to the Guardian newspaper, A refreshingly unbiased independent newspaper, unlike many of the emotive biased ones proliferating in the UK nowadays, not worth the paper they’re written on. The girlfriend of Boris the Doris – my nickname for him – is reported to have shouted/screamed “Get off me” and “Get out of my flat”.

Suitable as leader of the Tory Party? And if he wins, the next Prime Minister, but in all probability only for a very short period, as further scandals are probably bound to erupt. Good for selling salacious scandal details of all his misdemeanours. He was, however, I believe a goodish mayor for London, but then moved too far out of his comfort zone for his and our comfort. God help the UK if BJ manages it.

Tobias and I would like to chart some virgin territory and make the follow-up a truly collaborative effort involving anyone who wants to be involved. So please circulate as widely as possible, and let us know any suggestions you have for Part 2. I can always be reached on [email protected]

The song

Web site



Women’s World Cup_ England finish fourth after Sweden defeat – BBC Sport

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