Hello Simon, thanks for help. My response to your FB comment “I’ve joined the website but it is not optimised for mobile devices and has very unclear navigation ”  is below:

Thank you, Simon, that is really great news, and your points are extremely relevant, but/and the site has most definitely not been finalised.
Any specific suggestions you might have are more than welcome.
I truly hope you will not prejudge me and think I am being defensive because like you I think about what I am doing, perhaps not as well as you do.
One major problem is that it is covering such a wide area, (personal indulgence on my part) as can be seen from my blog issues – in the blog posts (just me at the moment) . In blog posts, people can contribute their own posts and comment on anything. And am working on a system where when a new post is created in a spcific category, an entry is also created in the forum where the post can be discussed or can be torn apart if one of my quickly done blog posts is being discussed. There can be also be voting mechanisms, so if a post has some proposed solutions, these could be discussed in the forum, and a vote taken, and then perhaps some resources to assist in promoting the solution e.g. petitions, surveys etc. I am not sure how navigation should work.

How I understand the website is as follows:
1) Basically, post blog enry, simultaneously an entry created in the forum, followed hopefully by discussion in the forum on the issue, possibly voting on the issue, applying solution e.g. petition.
2) Or going straight to the forum using the horizontal menu bar.
3) A new feature currently being finetuned is the Q&A part where anyone can put a question, people can answer it. and vote on the best answer.

4) Also on the website the 3 boxes in the middle correspond to 3 target groups I am helping:
a) training
b) permaculture and
c) neighbourhood watch.
The idea here is clicking on the appropriate box takes you to the corresponding section in the forum (virtually zero content at the moment).Perhaps there should be a 4th box for Brexit? Other boxes depending on how the forum is set up in terms of sections

5) The bottom 3 boxes are entry points to the articles under various categories.

6) There is also a points system that is being finetuned and tested. The idea being that users can receive points for defined activities on the site, so many points for articles, comments, creating a question, answering a question etc.
Points could be honorary with a leader board or if I can get a sponsor converted to cash, and /or buying from various outlets.

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