Who do you think will win the World Cup 2018 Russia?

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britur asked 3 years ago

Not for shy sportsmen!

Myself I forecast it is between

Sweden, England, France, Brazil and Croatia.

But I haven’t decided yet which one it will be. Will decide soon.

Certainly Russia 2018 is very exciting and much more so as Germany has been knocked out and perhaps because of this the situation has IMHO never been more open.

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britur answered 3 years ago

Answer to my own question. In all honesty I don’t think Sweden or England deserved to go through. A thoroughly dismal game. why didn’t they both go for it?

Having said that they both did well to get as far as they did. Sweden looked really good in the earlier stages, demonstrating that team work can more than compensate for individual brilliance. I happen to think Sweden played much better without Zlatan. The explanation could be that earlier Swedish players thought he could fix everything and so did not take full responsibility to contribute to the overall team effort.

England also surprised many people by getting as far as they did. And I have, for what is is worth, the highest regard for Southgate as a manager, an intelligent and humane man. And in Kane they have a great leader. But sadly in the Swe-Eng match England were no good, and I was happy to see they were not in the final.

So of my original picks, just France and Croatia remain, and this could be a great final, and I will place some bets on the game. Certainly France because of their attractive, attacking football, and the new 19 year old who hopefully I am pretty sure will be a delight for many years to come.

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