Which is worse? Neymar’s theatricalities OR Mexican Miguel’s stud attack on Neymar’s ankle?

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britur asked 3 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen

Let’s have some sense here, please.

This is a chance forall "GOBAUGERS" to correct a severe injustice against the obsessive focus by ignorant media, just trying to make easy money and ignoring the real culprit, Mexican Miguel’s dirty foul on Neymar.

Which is more in the spirit of the game? Neymar’s theatrical antics or the vicious intent of Mexican Miguel using his football studs on Neymar’s recently operated ankle? Surely not a pure accident!

It is in the hands of those who believe in democracy (such as myself), and can be decided by the answer which gets most votes.

As a good democrat I will accept the vote if and only if it is the right one!

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oliver answered 3 years ago

No doubt about it at all. Mexican Miguel created the situation by purposefully targetting Neymar’s ankle which had been operated on with the studs from his football boot.

Inconceivable it was accidental, premeditated with vicious intent.

Why did he do it?

The simple answer to try and put Neymar out of action, to reduce hsi mobility and give Mexico a greater chance of winning.

Fortunately they lost.

So Mexican Miguel showed he was not only a bad sportsman, but his fouling was very amateurish, hopefully we will never have to see him again in any international competition.

Why criticism of Neymar for his antics?

Jealousy, earns a lot of money from football, most fouled player in Russia 2018.

Ignorance and prejudice from even normally wise sports pundits such as Alan Shearer.

If we cant stop such fouling on gifted players, they will disappear and all we will have left is brutish thugs such as Mexican Miguel.

I go to football matches to watch players like Neymark, not violent thugs like Mexican Miguel!

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