What are the benefits of practising Buddhism?

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britur asked 2 years ago

A fascinating area where dabbling in Buddhism has I believe helped me very much
I love the philosophy which essentially as I understand it is the following:

a) Forget the past. It has gone and you can’t do anything about it.
b) Forget the future. Worrying about it, won’t help you to make anything better
c) CONCENTRATE on the present, it is the only thing we have to work with

I have some Buddhist friends/acquaintances and they do not regard me in any way, shape or form as a practising Buddhist.
And they treat me with some tolerance under the watchful eyes of Shoji. I would be the very first to admit this is true.
For 2 principal reasons.
The first is I don’t CHANT (at least not yet),
the second is I don’t believe in REINCARNATION.
These are currently my two basic beliefs. Tomorrow it may be different. But that is the future.

In my Buddhist group, we had a discussion once about the
purpose of life
I vividly remember most of the participants said very interestingly and eloquently that their purpose was to solve problems.

My response was not that.

Mine was to MANAGE problems as solving them is a never-ending and I thought fruitless process.

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