Sept 1 2019 My dedicated health day

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britur asked 2 years ago
So what have I been doing? Spending about 8 hours preparing 2 of my absolute favourites in the health food area.

Kimchi  – fermented Korean/Chinese assorted vegetables, very good for the digestive system. Not difficult to make, quite relaxing. What I make is fortunately the very best I have ever tasted. What you can buy is not properly fermented, manufacturers cut the fermentation down as they want quick profits. That is not my perspective, I am crowning myself the King of Komchi, until deposed by my successor This can be decided at a new coronation.

Kombucha – another Asian speciality which essentially is fermented tea. Wonderful drink. Not difficult o make if you know how.

Do you know who is the Queen of Kombucha in Sweden? Very much worth knowing.
I will send her a link to this question to see if she wants to reveal her identity, and maybe she will if she sees there is genuine interest from us GOBAUGERs

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