View and answer a QuestionCategory: Question-healthHow to lose 10 kilos in 2 to 3 months? What strategies and ideas could be harnessed to achieve this?
britur asked 4 months ago

2 Answers
Jonas answered 22 hours ago

Since I’ve quit my "day job" to be able to work as a freelancing developer – I’ve gained alot of weight.

Until I tried LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). It’s my second attempt at this diet – and it’s paying off.

-17KG in a period of 6months.

If I would have added excersise then I think it would have been more.

I still have 10kg to drop, so perhaps I’ll add some training aswell.

The LCHF diet has been debated quite alot through the years.

But It works for me. And I love cheese, cream, butter and bacon..

britur answered 7 seconds ago

Jonas still dont know where my comment answer went. The short version is "KETONES" dietary supplement for the US Armed Forces, not in itself a recommendation, but***** I believe you like me have an open mind. Interesting stuff on Wikipedia, helps cognitive ability, motivation and weight loss. Been takig it for about 6 days now. Dont know if I can stop.!