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britur asked 3 years ago

My question is very simply – how can I lose 15 kilos in a short time?
I think I need to do this to save my life. Can you give me the benefits of your expertise, please???

Jason replied 3 years ago

Slow and steady.

Nothing too drastric. Lifestyle changes, habits you can see yourself sticking to for longer then 3 months.

Any diet out there will work as long as you use more energy then you consume.

I would avoid losing anymore then 2kg a week (after the first 2 weeks)

You want to retain as much of muscle mass as possible which will give you a higher metabolism (you can eat more)!

I like the idea beghind the pH diet, paleo, fasting, carb cycling but you need todo what best suits your lifestyle.

You dont need to exclude whole food groups,
just adjust portions accordingly.
Common sense goes along way, with a dash of consistency and discipline.

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britur answered 3 years ago

You could try eating less. But how to manage that is not easy.