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britur asked 1 month ago

Now week 15. Twice this week the swimming pool has been closed, ventialtion problems, and somebody sick in the pool.
About 6 weeks ago the pool was closed 3 times.
I informed the new manager at HH (Malin Stockhaus Keilor) about this and the municipal head (Linda Örneblad) with some difficulty. Malin got in touch in between courses she was on, and one of the municipal politicians sent me an email that she was sick (not in the pool though) and would get in touch on return. She didn’t.

Doing nothing is not acceptable especially for people who bought an annual card and have already paid. There should be some compensation e9ither in the form of money or an extension of the prepaid annual contracts.

But of course they are doing nothing. They think it’s easy to ignore, and the problem will go away. The problem may go away, but I certainly won’t.

We have to up our game. But how that is the problem – boycott, circulating info publicly, newpapers. All suggestions welcome!

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britur answered 1 month ago

Response from Malin (Enhetschef) 16 April – some “snailish” progress

Hej Brian

Vi håller på som jag nämnt tidigare se över hanteringen av rutiner när simhallen stänger. Som du vet så har vi skyltat bättre i anläggningen och vi ser över hanteringen när vi får fekalier i vattnet tillsammans med Huddinge samhällsfastigheter. Vi håller även på att arbeta fram en värdecheck för drabbade medlemsbesökare. Så mycket är på gång internt och frågan är fortfarande aktuell.

Som du säkert förstår vill vi få en så snabb och effektiv lösning på det här problemet som möjligt. *

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Malin Stockhaus Keilor

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britur replied 1 month ago

Please add your comments so we keep the pressure up and get a solution with “värdecheckar” and/or extensions to the contract

Alex Svensson answered 1 month ago

Good to know they are allegedly working on it, but in case nothing happens maybe a petition (online or as paper lists distributed at Huddingehallen) would be a suitable way to bring attention to these issues in an organized way? I think the demands should be as short and clearly put as possible, for instance demanding that annual cards be extended when the pool is closed.

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Brian Turner replied 4 weeks ago

Thank you Alez for posting this. So happy I apologised earlier.
I agree with your point that the demand should be fairly easy to manage such that annual cards be extended when the pool is closed. And the question here is by what period should it be extended.
My suggetion I think would be one closure (one day) be extended by one week. What do you think of that?

Alex Svensson answered 4 weeks ago

Yes, one week extension for each day of closure would be a good demand!

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britur replied 3 weeks ago

And/or not shutting the pool during the summer as usually closed from mid-summer until I think mid August

Alex Svensson replied 3 weeks ago

At least for the last six years the pool has been closed from about Midsummer until about 10th August. I assume it will be the same this year, but I can’t find any information about it on the website. It says it’s closed on 22nd and 23rd June, so obviously it’s open at least on the 24th. I will ask someone when I go there today. If it will closed during summer I think it would be a subject for a separate petition, to have the pool open during summer. However, I think we will then have to convince our fellow customers to actually go there during summer too. (Parallel phenomenon: the summer timetable for the commuter rail has always annoyed me, but I understand why they have it. Less people travel.) It could be open six hours a day at least, though.

britur answered 2 weeks ago

Alex Sunday evening/Monday morning

That is not good, there is no info on the web about closing .Typical of the management of HH, never there, does not confirm receipt of emails, does not want to take up my case where the guy told me to "Go and die"!

It does not surprise me. Alex I have written a very strong response to Mailin, I wonder if I could send it to you, and we discuss briefly over the phone? I am not sure you have my number and don’t think I have yours either.

Mine is 070 7749998.

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