HuddingeHallen change opening hours for annual card holders. Let us have your views please!

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britur asked 2 years ago
Apparently HuddingeHallen have changed the opening hours for access to the swimming pool for both annual card holders, and non-annual card holders. For many people I know, Friday has always been the most important evening and now this has been changed from 20.59, last time for admission to 16.00. The reason given is that a swimming club wants to have their meeting on Friday instead of Saturday and/or Sunday. So, HuddingeHallen has made a deal without consulting current users who have paid in advance for a year to satisfy the wishes of the swimming club. But no account is taken of the interests of current users of HH. However, for many persons Friday is by far the most important evening of the week, and is worth a lot more than any other evening, or any combination of 2 or 3 or 4 evenings. Even in Sweden it should not be possible to reduce or change opening times just to make a deal with a swimming club. Profit maximisation of this kind is not acceptable unless the rights of current users are safeguarded. Please state your views saying what you think HH should have done, and what you think would be acceptable ASAP. Myself as a long-standing customer of HH over 15 years, I am very concerned about this, Tried to get in touch with Malin, the boss, but she is never there, and no one in reception seems to know when she will be there. A serious lack of information. But finally after several tele calls, Malin has said she will contact me on Monday. I trust she has a satisfactory explanation, <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>otherwise we may have to take direct action to secure our rights..

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