Loudspeakers to create peace with neighbours please help ASAP

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Marianne Hiort af Ornös asked 3 years ago
Hi can anyone help and give me some guidance on what to consider if I want  a standard loudspeaker which doesn’t have an awful  plastic bulky sound (now “Eltax”) . I really want a simple clean sound, that won’t disturb my neighbours too much as I want to remain on good terms with them,  even though their awful blaring speaker sounds terrible. If the one I get is really cool, they just might follow my lead.

I am actually quite a demanding but reasonable woman,  with I think a generous budget of around SEK 900 or below or 120 dollars. To connect with one ONKYO – if you don’t know what this is –  don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my very best to clarify, but it should enable connections to 4 speakers.

Grateful to get some unambiguous clues to end my painful hunt and allow good neighbourly relations!?

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