Trump Unhappy Again – Not a Fact he says!

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) does not treat me well.  Sob, sob. Only paid Dollars 750 in 2016,  and zero taxes in 10 out of 15 years, and  yet massively in debt, Represented himself in the last election as the

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ODE to DJT! No sobs now, just CARPE DIEM

Humpty Dumpty had  such a great fall And Donald Trump an even bigger FALL.! And to cap it all. 4 years of falling in and out  with the American people. Oh yes, ain’t stopped falling yet, but not much further

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brexit turn around

Swedish Election

On Sept 9th/10th we will know the results of the election from abroad, and it is likely to be very close. Will there be a “kingmaker”, the SD? That could be difficult as all other parties have stated they will

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