Optimistic Views of Anders Borg – 50 kr bet – bit of serious fun!

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The contents of this text first appeared 2017_11_02  on Linked In as a comment that exceeded the allowed limit. So reproduced it here in full. And to be able to administer the bets!

Great having a former minister of finance giving us his assessment of the state of the economy, and to get the view that ceteris paribus if  all things

continue in the same way, we will have at least one less problem to manage.
But all things perhaps do not continue in the same way.
We have Trump as the unknown/unknowable quantity,
the Catalan desire for independence, which could well trigger off a whole bunch of what I call the “procession of secessionists” – (nice tongue twister for Swedes active in Finance  – possibly France, Italy, Belgium – with the very real dilemma the EU faces in the choice between supporting democracy and disregarding practical bureaucratic difficulties,  or opposing it because too expensive to have the number of nation-states multiplying strongly.

So my view for what it’s worth is we could face some very rocky times ahead, then of course there are the catastrophic consequences of Brexit,
and last but by no means least in any way,
the possibility that a decision may have been made for Sweden to become a member of the Euro within the next 5 years. Why would the current Govt have accepted the relocatio0n of Nordea to Finland, otherwise. I am betting 50 Kr this will happen within the next 5 years from today.

Any takers?

I would make this bet for the first 100 takers only.

The first taker position is reserved for Mr. Borg!!
Mr. Borg, do you accept the bet?

The only other condition is that you must register so  we can administer the bet if you win,  or I can collect the 50 Kr if you lose.:


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  1. britur

    No strong convictions either way. You don’t want to gamble your 50 Kr?

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