My last post cant resist it. Why on earth recall Zlatan to the Swedish football team?

IN my view, total madness on the part of a highly intelligent manager. It makes no sense at all. Why?

Saw the match where Sweden played Greece. First half was boring, but suspect the manager told them to pull their socks up. I was so bored and went to bed. And later when I heard Sweden had won 2 -0, I  decided to watch the second half,

And it was pure magic, they did brilliantly in the second half. Never ever seen anything quite as good.
Now they bring Zlatan back. Seems absolutely nonsensical, surprised and horrified  as the manager normally seems highly astute.

But on this occasion, he seems to have ignored basic group psychology and not understand that Zlatan may be a brilliant individualist, but primarily playing for his own glory with the result that the other players. do not play as a team,  rely on Zlatan excessively and do not play well. No cohesion or solidarity
M yconclusion is that the current Swedish players could be a world class team playing for each other with such  incredible determination. Providing Zlatan is not in the team!

I have little hesitation in saying, drop Zlatan, and Sweden might well win the world cup. Anyone else subscribe to this. I’d bet my last dollar even if stolen from No 45. DJT, still escaping justice and possibly taking part in the next Presidential election, and even winning. What does this say about the US electorate?

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  1. Just because you’re a genius, doesn’t mean you’re right. Want to bet on it? Let me know how much? And then this is documented! No easy evasions here Mr. Genius,

  2. Genius Squires

    Sweden win the world cup, more chance Scotland!!

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