Maybe nearly as important as a vaccine against COVID-19

Maybe nearly as important as a vaccine against COVID-19

Hello Brett Murray Christensen
(Checked the ABS number! Hence full name info. But don’t know what GST stands for, guess sth to do with registration issues.)

To establish my credentials, please do a Google search for “fingerpublishing” and “Andreas Persson”, who gives himself the title in Swedish of Customer Relations Manager. I should have spent my time this evening brain storming ideas on how I should restructure my site, but wrote this instead. Hope you will think a useful humanitarian decision that can help us put an end to these crooks, just as your web site

is doing I believe!

Have been targeted via a sophisticated Adidas scam and want to seriously help to give them a “just” reward. And would like to do it with great finesse so they really suffer in every possible way. Will dream about appropriate “PENALTIES” – success here will also be excellent publicity for you too.
Checked the ABS number! Hence name info. But don’t know what GST stands for, guess sth to do with registration.

I nearly fell for it myself. Didn’t happen as I wasn’t born yesterday, and used to be a terrific, dangerous fast bowler. But started researching using Duck and Google, and purely by accident (thank God for some accidents) discovered your site, and read some of your posts. Truly magnificent is my spontaneous verdict.
And then I thought I should get in touch with you. Fully understand you are very busy, but would a quick discussion over “whatsapp” or direct tele call be possible or interesting? I hope we could develop a strategy where the scammers “hang” themselves, and we make life as difficult as possible for them. Costly too!
I am running a strange site where I am focusing on “ISSUES” – local, national and international. The aim being to make things better in this world. Small steps of course, but am not averse to gigantic ones. However, tackling scammers and fraud could be truly HUGE if designed right
Nearly as huge as developing a vaccine for the Corona nightmare.
The web site address, based on Clint Eastwood’s film is below. At the moment it is very much due for a makeover as I commissioned a useless developer from India, who nearly destroyed the site. Good, we staggered payment, so the financial loss was around Dollars 900. But it was 6 months lost, created huge difficulties for me as I am not that good technically in IT.
Sorry very long, truly hope you will read it. Look forward to a good response from you. I am not a young kid, but a 75-year-old pensioner, living in Sweden, and I started my web to try and make the UK govt change its monstrous decision over Brexit. My daughter a nearly qualified psychologist thinks I am grandiose. She is quite right, I agree with her. I thought I could change the decision. But am also flexible and now accept the reality we have. Much to the annoyance of many people.
Hope you won’t mind me saying this, but if I could design a site as good as yours, I would most certainly have a function where someone writing with info to you could receive a copy to their email also. So I am taking a copy and also sending this to your direct mail.

My name is not Trump, thank God, the Devil, and my parents too.
I am an honest man in principle.
I may get some or many things wrong and make many mistakes.But I can admit them, it is only human to make mistakes, but learning from them is beyond Trump’s skill set. Joe Biden knows this. 

I believe in climate change and I also believe opening up the economy too early would move the US very much closer to bankruptcy. Citizens of the US deserve better IMHO than  what DJT has inflicted on them. Withdrawing funds from the WHO is a typical Trumpian manoeuvere and not to be justified by the fact that China has not been transparent in ots provision of information at all.
Brian Turner 2020-04-19
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