Kaspersky och PayPal – Total Unmitigated Disaster inflicted on their gullible customers



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10 May, Bought Kaspersky over a year ago, shortly after I had been nearly scammed. Did this through PayPal as I thought it would provide some degree of protection.  Very sick Joke! Enough to make nearly anyone vomit, including me. Found Kapersky too complicated, so reverted to ZoneAlarms,  had used for a few years. 3 to 4 days ago, received info about a charge via Paypal, SEK891, for renewal of Kaspersky, apparently I had a subscription. Neverthelss Paypal makes great play that you can get a refund. That might be true if PayPal’s PATHETIC web site worked properly.

But it doesn’t. They state you can click on the transaction and request a refund. Not possible. Doesn’t work on Chrome or Vivaldi. So i tried to send an email to the Payment processor Digital River. Did that work, hell no. Received in return an email with instructions for contact tele no To Kaspersky in Sweden. Think it’s wrong, Sweden is not 45. +45 89 88 78 51
Hate wasting my time on stuff, like this. But fuelled by anger now. And advise anyone that PayPal may make a song and dance about the protection they give to buyers. Totally false. They can’t even get the email address correct.  And design a semi-functional web site.
Anyone else have any problems of this kind? Or am I the odd one out. I seem to have sth like this nearly every day.  At least it keeps the adrenalin working.

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