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    I think the Chequers proposal is dead in the water. Neither remainers or leavers can accept it, if accepted UK will become a vassal state under the EU
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    Even though I am listed as the author, in fact, I was not. So perhaps legitimate to comment.

    I think unlike just about everybody else I know would agree with that statement about the Chequers agreement. I have a different take. I think if TM acts with the new found assertiveness she displayed in Salzburg it could lead to some very welcome shifts.

    An opportunity to ditch the hard right of the Tory Party.

    An opportunity for the Lib-Dems to once again become a stronger political force that might be prepared to support the Tories in their hour of need.

    Isolation of Corbyn who can’t cooperate with anyone, and is a pale imitation of Trump without his entertainment value, but no less dangerous because of that.

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    Adrian Fox

    With the parliamentary vote on May’s ‘Draft Deal’ coming up, what are the 80 or so members of the ERG going to do? They won’t back a deal they say they detest and which is a sell out. And will the DUP back something they believe undermines the constitutional position of Northern Ireland? They have nothing to fear in getting reelected and really don’t care if Labour get in as they still hold most of the cards in the Province.

    And as for the strong Remainers, few though they are when it comes to voting, they won’t back May’s deal either.

    The fact is that there is a whisper thin majority for May, and how easy it is for her to face defeat on even bread and butter issues of daily governance.

    In the end, it is all down to Labour. The nightmare would be Corbyn whipping his MPs into supporting the deal for specious reasons like ‘honouring the will of the people’, or equally damaging, abstaining on the deal vote, allowing the Tories to win through with their loyal supporters.

    But if Labour sticks to its guns and votes against, there is absolutely no prospect of May’s deal going through.

    This will be the opportunity for the parliamentary majority against both May’s deal and no deal to move for a People’s Vote. This is the only way that a constitutional crisis will be averted.

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