Newspaper scandals in UK

Newspaper scandals in UK

Boris the Doris

Utterly terrible standads applied by The Sun newspaper in the UK.
Using Ben Stokes’ family tragedies from some 30 years ago to sell their disgusting newspaper, to maximise profits without any concern for his parents. or family as individuals with a right to privacy.

The Sun’s jusification was that a family member sold info to the Sun. Coud have terrible consequences in the future and supply us with many more scandals.

Reading the BBC text made me so angry, I admit does happen sometimes when I witness such atrocities that I think any and all decent people could and should very seriosly consider withdrawing their support for the Sun, as it obviously has no moral compass whatsoever.

Ben Stokes has given so many people all round the world who love cricket so much pleasure during the most fascinating series of Test Matches it has been my privelige to watch.

Let us take action. Why and what?

1) STOP BUYING THE SUN – it is totally bankrupt morally,
so let us show our displeasure by refraining from buying such trash,and help it towards financial bankruptcy.

2) This may also help foreign i.e. non-UK readers understand why Brexit has been so divisive in the UK and people were (maybe) influenced by its dogmatic views when voting in the referendum.

In a nutshell the EU was blamed for everything wrong that happened in the UK since entry.

3) I am not arguing the Sun was the only force behind this, but it would surprise me if it were not one of the more important factors in explaining the referendum result,

4) and the rise of BJ who is not the most democratic of leaders, and without sufficient integrity to be PM and handle difficult negotiations.

5) He comes across nowadays as a blithering, dithering fool. Which IMO he most definitely is.

6) I don’t read the Sun and never would, not even page 3 with its graphic pictures of nude women (never men), so I would be delighted if it received it’s just desserts.

7) And this would be a way of thanking Ben Stokes
for his heroic, magical entertainment over this summer.

Thank you Ben, we are with you all the way.
I can’t say I believe in God today, but God Bless you and your family.
Do not let the Sun hurt you. We must hurt them.
We care. Please show Ben this by liking and circulating as widely as possible.

We will be “killing many birds with one stone”.
A) Elimination of the Sun.
B) Its dogmatism in misleading the British public and shaping the vote on the referendum.
C) Subsequent rise of a morally bankrupt nitwit of PM etc, etc

And on the positive side support for the policies put forward by the new leader , and adopted by the Lib-Dems at their recent conference

Worth doing. Sorry about length!!!

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