Dec 5th Update on Meeting with Huddinge Kommun 28 Nov Anneli Fällman

Update on meeting with Kommun 28 Nov Anneli Fällman, Cautious Optimism

No final solution as yet. But
the Kommun opened the door a little by proposing they could investigate the question of compensation for the reduction of hours from 21.00 to 16.00 on Fridays, and also the 30 mins removed for both  Saturday and Sunday. Total of 6 hours. Breach of contract

No specific figures were mentioned,. I would hazard a guess that they would not be willing to treat Friday, Saturday and Sunday as having much greater value than any of the other days.

If anyone is interested in receiving compensation, please email me in Swedish or English with “KOMPENSATION” in the subject field.

We are of the view that the highest priority for us is access after 16.00 on Friday with 1 or 2 lanes open so anybody who is working in town could get to Huddinge Hallen in time to have a wonderful Sauna and “let their hair down”, and swim if they really want to.

This remains our top priority.

Anneli has undertaken to investigate and answer some questions outstanding from the very first meeting we had with LÖ.  We have a legal right to receive this information.

If we don’t receive these answers, the municipality will IMHO be weakening its position. Quite apart from the fact that there has been a serious breach of contract by accepting payment in advance, and then subsequently changing hours of admission.

They might try and argue that they now have a contract with Södertotn Simklubb, and can’t break that contract.  A nice legal puzzle, but a bit of a mess, and we are determined they respect our rights

Finally, apologies to anyone who tried to attend the 28 Nov  meeting last Thursday. I was not very smart because some people received an address in Stuvsta. Sincere apologies as I managed to get that wrong. Too much work! Now spent about 2 months on this.

Otherwise I am cautiously optimistic that hopefully we will secure a reasonable outcome.
Since neither I nor any of my fellow  colleagues have been in touch with the female side of HuddingeHallen, it may be the case that the women feel even more strongly about this than my male acquaintances.

Brian Turner
Dec 5th 2019

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