Copy of Email Feb 18 to HH Chefen Malin.Stockhaus-Keilor

From: – brian r. turner- <>To: “Stockhaus Keilor, Malin” <>
Date: Friday, February 23, 2018, 11:51:21 PM
Subject: Feb 23 Brian Turner Info


Essentially 2 proposals
a) Parents/Group leader responsible for their children, who should use the nappy facilities provided by HH.
b) People with annual cards should not be disadvantaged by HH’s failure to provide accurate info to persons responsible for children, and a principle of compensation to apply when pool is closed for cleaning either extension of the contract period or repayment of part of cost of the annual card.

An information sheet is visible if you know where to look. But very few will start looking behind themselves to see it. Obviously much better if clearly visible in front of them and placed on the reception desk so has high visibility when visitors arrive. And staff only have to point to it to check visitors have seen it.

No mention of any compensation for annual cardholders despite several reminders.

Hello Malin,

Went to HH today, this evening, only to hear the swimming pool again closed because it had to be cleaned.

3rd time in 3 weeks. I don’t see much progress in handling this, and let you know when we spoke over the phone and also by email that if there was not an informationsblad at the reception by the end of this week I would be communicating this info more widely.

Well, there was no such info today, so I will proceed with what I said I would do Sunday at the latest.
Namely publication of our group’s proposals on FB and our web site .

Many people when you speak to them about this, seem to think it is complicated. Sure if one looks for obstacles, it is complicated.
Our view though is that it could be quite simple.

1) An information sheet advising parents that they are responsible for their kids, and if any doubt in their minds, they should use the nappies that can be bought from HH.
2) Not following the rules means that all those who bought and paid for an annual card are not getting their money’s worth. So there should be compensation either by extending the period of the annual contract or repayment of money.

One member of your staff who shall be nameless thought that in his infinite wisdom that annual card holders do not have to buy annual cards, they could buy coupons. My view is this is very narrow and short-sighted, and if HH were to argue this. Just imagine the publicity, “HH no longer sells annual cards because if the pool gets dirty they have to close it to clean it. I don’t think this is the reputation that HH wants members of the public to have, do you??

3) Where there is a risk of the pool being dirtied, then high risk people could and should be directed to the small pool which is not connected to the big system. So the problem is localised and the position improved.

Malin, I can’t write in Swedish, but if you want I could run it through Google Translate which does not do too bad a job of translating from English to Swedish or vice versa.

Best rgrds
Brian Turner
070 7749998

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