Reflections on N. Korea, Russia, China, the EU, US and why we are moving backwards and forwards at a snail’s pace!

How to resolve the dispute with N. Korea’s continuing firing of ICBMs over Japan. In all humility, we seem to be making very little progress. Too little to be left entirely in the hand of our current decision makers.

On the one hand, we have DJT’s bellicose attempts threatening hell and fury unlike anything we have ever seen before, with few apparent results, and then on the other hand, Putin’s remarks that sanctions will not work because he says, the leaders in N. Korea would prefer to eat grass, and what’s more sanctions, he says are not effective. But we don’t have to believe this.

On the “third hand”, by way of digression I don’t think the Russians are openly eating grass even though sanctions have been imposed on Russia, maybe Putin is himself highly allergic to grass. And maybe sanctions have been more effective in Russia than he wants to let on. So I guess the conclusion is that the Russians obviously prefer to have sanctions and don’t have the stomach to eat grass. (more…)

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