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Philosophy of Life – What could be better? Ha, ha!

Philosophy of Life – What could be better? Ha, ha!

Thinking about life the main purpose for me at all times is to try to do the very best I can. Pure selfishness because I am pretty sure this moment will never ever return. 

That is one of the very few things I am more or less absolutely sure of in this life. Perhaps it is different in other lives for other people!

Of course, like most humans I don’t always or indeed sometimes rarely live up to this, but that is another issue.

Who knows? Does anyone? After all these years, the only certainty I have is the present moment will never return.

Anyone willing to share their thoughts? Particularly if they believe they have been born again.

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Copy of Email Feb 18 to HH Chefen Malin.Stockhaus-Keilor

From: – brian r. turner- <brt@intcom.se>To: “Stockhaus Keilor, Malin” <Malin.Stockhaus-Keilor@huddinge.se>
Date: Friday, February 23, 2018, 11:51:21 PM
Subject: Feb 23 Brian Turner Info


Essentially 2 proposals
a) Parents/Group leader responsible for their children, who should use the nappy facilities provided by (more…)

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