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  • ODE to DJT! No sobs now, just CARPE DIEM

    ODE to DJT! No sobs now, just CARPE DIEM

    Humpty Dumpty had  such a great fall And Donald Trump an even bigger FALL.! And to cap it all. 4 years of falling in and out  with the American people. Oh yes, ain’t stopped falling yet, but not much further to go even for him! Happy landings, but could still surprise us with a nuclear […]

  • Swedish Election

    Swedish Election

    On Sept 9th/10th we will know the results of the election from abroad, and it is likely to be very close. Will there be a “kingmaker”, the SD? That could be difficult as all other parties have stated they will not co-operate with SD. Uncertain times lie ahead. One interesting outcome might be how the […]

  • Need some help. Composing a song about ***

    DJT – Donald Trump and the Chinese President recently appointed for life.Two powerful figures that we should be very careful of. Earlier we composed the “Anti-Brexit Rhapsody” click here to get a quick previews – which achieved some success. Now this is much more serious and we would like to involve our users in […]

  • Newspaper scandals in UK

    Newspaper scandals in UK

    Boris the Doris Utterly terrible standads applied by The Sun newspaper in the UK. Using Ben Stokes’ family tragedies from some 30 years ago to sell their disgusting newspaper, to maximise profits without any concern for his parents. or family as individuals with a right to privacy. The Sun’s jusification was that a family member […]

  • Dec 5th Update on Meeting with Huddinge Kommun 28 Nov Anneli Fällman

    Dec 5th Update on Meeting with Huddinge Kommun 28 Nov Anneli Fällman

    Update on meeting with Kommun 28 Nov Anneli Fällman, Cautious Optimism No final solution as yet. But Hits: 74

  • What kind of agreement can EU offer for Brexit

    We are all waiting with fear what is going to happen the 31 of october. Just want to know which agreements have been relevant during the Brexit negotiations? Hits: 21

  • best web hosting for a small company?

    BeeByte in Karlstad gets my vote. head and shoulders above all others I know of. Some hosting companies offer web hosting for e.g. SEK 25 SEK per month, but look at the rate in the following year. You might get a heart attack! Beebyte are highly affordable and provide superb technical support and  literally “STINK” […]