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Hello Simon, thanks for help. My response to your FB comment “I’ve joined the website but it is not optimised for mobile devices and has very unclear navigation ”  is below:

Thank you, Simon, that is really great news, and your points are extremely relevant, but/and the site has most definitely not been finalised.
Any specific suggestions you might have are more than welcome.
I truly hope you will not prejudge me and think I am being defensive because like you I think about what I am doing, perhaps not as well as you do.
One major problem is that it is covering such a wide area, (personal indulgence on my part) as can be seen from my blog issues – in the blog posts (just me at the moment) . In blog posts, people can contribute their own posts and comment on anything. And am working on a system where when a new post is created in a spcific category, an entry is also created in the forum where the post can be discussed or can be torn apart if one of my quickly done blog posts is being discussed. There can be also be voting mechanisms, so if a post has some proposed solutions, these could be discussed in the forum, and a vote taken, and then perhaps some resources to assist in promoting the solution e.g. petitions, surveys etc. I am not sure how navigation should work.

How I understand the website is as follows:
1) Basically, post blog enry, simultaneously an entry created in the forum, followed hopefully by discussion in the forum on the issue, possibly voting on the issue, applying solution e.g. petition.
2) Or going straight to the forum using the horizontal menu bar.
3) A new feature currently being finetuned is the Q&A part where anyone can put a question, people can answer it. and vote on the best answer.

4) Also on the website the 3 boxes in the middle correspond to 3 target groups I am helping:
a) training
b) permaculture and
c) neighbourhood watch.
The idea here is clicking on the appropriate box takes you to the corresponding section in the forum (virtually zero content at the moment).Perhaps there should be a 4th box for Brexit? Other boxes depending on how the forum is set up in terms of sections

5) The bottom 3 boxes are entry points to the articles under various categories.

6) There is also a points system that is being finetuned and tested. The idea being that users can receive points for defined activities on the site, so many points for articles, comments, creating a question, answering a question etc.
Points could be honorary with a leader board or if I can get a sponsor converted to cash, and /or buying from various outlets.

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2018 New Year Greetings to All and Everyone – No exceptions Goodwill also to Brexiteers!

The party is over.

Howzat!!!! For cricket  buffs.

Vince Cable is NOT OUT.  He is most definitely IN!


He is perhap the only politician with the moral authority to take the UK out of the mess it has been languishing in ever since the Brexit Referendum.

As William Glynn said on FB it would be great if Vince Cable could lead a Government of National Unity to deal with Brexit since no Party has a Mandate on the final deal and the LibDems are the only Party pledged to deliver it.

Let us pray and hope he does just that!
First time I have thought about PrayIng in Donkeys’ Years.

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We have the Lib-Dem heroes now, but where have all the others gone? Far, far away! And lost their way?

The biggest problem that we are all facing is that the referendum was, to all intents and purposes, a draw.
People who should have been given a vote were denied it, and people who have nothing to do with Britain were given a vote.
But as it was just advisory,it should just have been a warning that not all people are happy. That’s all. There was no clear mandate.

I believe that after the referendum result, every move that the government has made has not been for the good of the United Kingdom. From Cameron resigning over an advisory referendum without explaining himself,  to Theresa May’s headlong rush into triggering article 50 at such a pace that she never realized she hadn’t got permission to do so .
To take Britain out of Europe on such a split vote is probably illegal, and if it isn’t, it should be. This is an emotional time for everyone. Families have become people of different nationalities .
People are being deported at the request of those least qualified to judge . Hate crimes are becoming normal.
But at sometime in the future, this government, and this opposition, will be held up as the parliament that ignored us all. gobaug current affairs content
This is the biggest issue we have faced since the end of the war.
When push comes to shove, are 60 million people unable to hold 650 people accountable? No referendum has a place in our parliament.
If mps cannot make a decision, why are they in the job?

Illegal use of a dodgy referendum? Nothing short of Criminal! What do others thinK?

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Response to Kees van Woerkom (FB)

Response to Kees van Woerkom (FB)

Kees van Woerkom Completely delusional – this would damage the EU beyond repair

Brian Turner I don’t see why. It has been pretty damaged for a long time, I say this even though I am a remainer still by the skin of my teeth
Kees van Woerkom I am sorry, but it basically differs little from the Leavers platform, and largely explains why Remain has been so ineffective in this country. It fundamentally misunderstands .europe just like Leavers do
And yes, I agree there is plenty wrong with the EU but this isn’t the answer
Brian Turner Be specific please as I find it so far rather appealing, but I am a very reasonable man.
Kees van Woerkom This petition basically would reverse the process of unification and lead to the breakup of the EU further down the line. The four freedoms are fundamental and they would be impeded by this so called New Deal – I would bet this petition originated in right wing German 

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A new dimension to EU-Brexit crises. Win-win for the UK and the EU

Why this is important

Exit of Brexit: A „New Deal“ with Great Britain and a better future for the EU


We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the economic and political impact Brexit will have on Britain and the EU. We believe that mistakes made by both sides will lead to a highly detrimental situation for citizens and companies on both sides.

In our view, too often Brussels violated the principles of subsidiarity, self-responsibility and competitiveness laid down in the Lisbon treaty. This helped to create the base for the British referendum in the first place. By refusing to offer the necessary flexibility to let Britain control its immigration, Brussels contributed to the outcome.

In Britain, on the other hand, advocates for Brexit failed to communicate the true impact Brexit would have on the economy. Those who campaigned for remaining failed to spell out the advantages of being a part of the EU, especially the common market and research programmes.

Meanwhile, the ongoing negotiations show that both parties have underestimated the complexity of Brexit. It also emerged that keeping the border open between Ireland and Northern Ireland without Britain’s continuing membership in a common market may become impossible. This entails significant risks for peace on the island.

Buying more time will not address the basic fact that if not stopped, Brexit will result in an outright lose-lose situation for both the EU and Britain. More than ever, the EU needs the pragmatic British voice to counter the increasing pressure to centralise, socialise and harmonise. That is why we feel obliged to stop two high-speed trains running towards each other on the same railroad track and appeal to all responsible politicians, business people and citizens: Help us to avoid a tragedy of historical dimensions!

Addressing the European Parliament on 24th October 2017, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, has opened the possibility of “no Brexit”. This gives us the encouragement to ask the leaders of the European Union to recognize their responsibility for a political turnaround by offering the British a New Deal, focussing on more autonomy, especially in the area of immigration. We remind them of the fact that following the British referendum there has been a remarkable shift among European governments in this sensitive subject anyway.

Likewise, we appeal to London to recognise that it underestimated the complexities of Brexit and its economic and political drawbacks. With a New Deal from the EU, Britain will be able to claim that it finally got what it really wanted.

This would also be a New Deal for all other EU member states recognizing the new realities. Not only could they benefit from the continued membership of Britain in the future, they would likewise benefit from more flexibility and autonomy.

Roland Berger, Hans‐Olaf Henkel, Klaus‐Michael Kühne, Michael Rogowski, Manfred Schneider, Hans‐Werner Sinn, Heinrich Weiss

gobaug current affairs content

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