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2018 New Year Greetings to All and Everyone – No exceptions Goodwill also to Brexiteers!

The party is over.

Howzat!!!! For cricket  buffs.

Vince Cable is NOT OUT.  He is most definitely IN!


He is perhap the only politician with the moral authority to take the UK out of the mess it has been languishing in ever since the Brexit Referendum.

As William Glynn said on FB it would be great if Vince Cable could lead a Government of National Unity to deal with Brexit since no Party has a Mandate on the final deal and the LibDems are the only Party pledged to deliver it.

Let us pray and hope he does just that!
First time I have thought about PrayIng in Donkeys’ Years.

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Last lap Brexit – Moment of reckoning fast looming up!?

Just been watching the BBC earlier renowned for its objectivity, but now IMHO more for boring weather reports (who says climate change is a non-fact) recycling of news, and not unbiased reporting. All of which helps to make a stronger case for reducing its licence fees and income.

More importantly, Brexit seems to go from bad to much worse. Even though TM’s description still holds true today. “Brexit means Brexit” – that can’t be misunderstood even now after all this time.

However, abundantly clear to me that the UK Govt should have challenged the EU on its setting of the initial agenda, namely first divorce settlement et al, to be THEN followed by discussions on the future relationship between the UK and the EU. (more…)

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Getting closer to the final crunch on Brexit

Now the temperature is rising. The UK government seems increasingly to be questioning the EU policy of separating the negotiations into two stages. The first stage concerns the border between northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, the financial obligations and commitments of the UK, and also the rights of EU citizens in the UK, and the rights of UK citizens in the EU. The second stage concerns the overall relationship between the EU and the UK after Brexit, and in particular the rights of the UK to negotiate trade agreements with other countries. The EU has been adamant that the second stage cannot be discussed until at the very least there has been substantial progress on the first stage. What is meant by “substantial” has not been clearly defined. (more…)

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Vince Cable favourite to become new Lib-Dem leader! He thinks…….

……the Tories and Labour are so split over Brexit that it may never happen.

This could be the beginning of the end, and the exit from the Brexit catastrophe. Also The Lib-Dems are the only party who believe all UK citizens should have the right to vote on the final “Divorce” settlement. Full article from Telegraph UK, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/09/brexit-may-never-happen-sir-vince-cable-claims-compares-theresa/?WT.mc_id=tmg_sh

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