PayPal – Warning Huge Threat to Payments via PayPal over the Internet

As stated above. You could lose a lot of money by using PayPal for online payments. Consider this you make a purchase and unknown to you it is categorised as a subscription. Which means the vendor will charge you in the future. And if they are a very commercial company, they could charge you whatever they like e.g. Dollars 500 and PayPal will not help you to get your money back. (more…)

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PayPal – What can go wrong? Quite a lot!

The keyword here is “autosubscribe” or at least its presence or absence. And your awarenes of this.
You may think you are having JUST one transaction charged to your account. But this this may not be true at all.
Your transaction may be treated as a subscription, which automatically gets renewed  and possibly upgraded without notification.
And worse than that the vendor could increase the price quite substantially when charging your account for a following period.
The problem here is that PayPal does not regard a price increase as an unauthorised charge. Since vebndors do not make unauthorised charges.


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