BREAKING NEWS Trumps crimes, non payment taxes, deaths of thousands of Americans

US Presidental Circus with DJT Donald Trump leading the way. Preparing the ground for declaring the election illegal, appointing a new DG who is removing voting machines etc etc arguing his hands are tied. No limits to what Trump is prepared to do to retain power!!

The Biden ticket, Joe and Kamala make a highly promising start at the Democratic Convention which could give them victory. Very difficult to understand how and why the US electorate voted for Trump.  His incompetence in taking effective action against the   corona virus is tantamount to murder. And also just maybe the 2016 election was itself rigged! Let’s hope we get back to normal with victory against the leading Republican crook of them all, Donald J. Trump. no less!

China and the undermining of democracy in Hong Kong, What should the response be?
China and the incursions on the Indian-Chinese border, a serious potential threat to stability on the Asian sub-continent. Difficult to see what the response could or should be, any views?
The Chinese Ambassador to the UK criticises the UK for disallowing HUAWEI to participate in the next generation 5G-Network, saying it undermines the credibility of the UK Government, and yet he does not mention how the actions of the Chinese government in Hong Kong and India also seriously undermine Chinese credibility. Over-dependence on China potentially v. dangerous!

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