Trump Breaking News

Trump Breaking News

CNN and BBC both report Trump paid approx Dollars 750 in  taxes when elected as President in 2016, and also in the last 15 years taxes have not been paid in 10 out of 15 years. Big legal battle as Trump in his usual way says this is fake news, of course. And desperately tries to avoid saying anything. Hopefully this will impact the outcome of the election, and  here Trump has categorically stated if he loses, it is because the election is “rigged”. Never since the US Constitution was drawn up have we seen such grotesque behaviour of this “class”.  Tobias and I are in process of putting all Trump’s misdemeanours  into a riveting song, which we trust you will circulate and enjoy having an impact on his prospects against Joe Biden. He now accuses Biden of being on drugs, and being completely unqualified for the position of President. Worth noting also that his incompetence in managing the corona virus has led to a huge number of deaths, no mask, no social distancing. Possibly tantamount to murder.

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