PayPal – Warning Huge Threat to Payments via PayPal over the Internet

As stated above. You could lose a lot of money by using PayPal for online payments. Consider this you make a purchase and unknown to you it is categorised as a subscription. Which means the vendor will charge you in the future. And if they are a very commercial company, they could charge you whatever they like e.g. Dollars 500 and PayPal will not help you to get your money back.
Why? Because they regard it as an authorised transaction.
The only transaction where you could get your money back is where someone uses your account to make a payment.
This is what PayPal calls an unauthorised transaction.
In my view if a vendor doubles the price for a later transaction you are powerless to get a refund, and if my experience is anything to go by you will get no help from PayPal to get your money back.

This is why I believe we should boycott PayPal and let them know we don’t accept this. It is daylight robbery! but there is so much money involved in autosubscription charges for PayPal and its vendors that it will only happen if we mobilise ourselves effectively.

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