Response to SBJ

Hello Simon, thanks for help. My response to your FB comment "I've joined the website but it is not optimised for mobile devices and has very unclear navigation "  is below: Thank you, Simon, that is really great news, and your points are extremely relevant, but/and...

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Testing Blog Post Forum Entry

Dear Users When you create a blog post, if this works as it should, an entry will be created in one of the forum sections depending on what category is applied to the post. This should hopefully stimulate meaningful discussion from different perspectives...

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Response to Kees van Woerkom (FB)

Response to Kees van Woerkom (FB)

Kees van Woerkom Completely delusional - this would damage the EU beyond repair Brian Turner I don't see why. It has been pretty damaged for a long time, I say this even though I am a remainer still by the skin of my teeth Kees van Woerkom I am sorry, but it basically...

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Getting closer to the final crunch on Brexit

Now the temperature is rising. The UK government seems increasingly to be questioning the EU policy of separating the negotiations into two stages. The first stage concerns the border between northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, the financial obligations and...

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PayPal – What can go wrong? Quite a lot!

The keyword here is "autosubscribe" or at least its presence or absence. And your awarenes of this. You may think you are having JUST one transaction charged to your account. But this this may not be true at all. Your transaction may be treated as a subscription,...

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